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PREMIERE: Hamilton’s PERSONS free themselves in “For the People”

The deranged disco darlings liberate their art from the aristocratic ruling class in their colourful new video.

- Oct 21, 2016

PERSONS and people everywhere are looking for a fix. We need something to fill the time, something to help us escape dull reality. Whatever your dependency is, PERSONS will provide.

With their new video for “Persons for the People,” premiering on Chart Attack from the recently released self-titled album, Hamilton’s deranged disco darlings (f.k.a. Nick Persons) depict the sacrifice at stake in creating art.

PERSONS - Persons for the People

The whimsical, offbeat video is centred around a vagabond, messiah-like figure as he journeys to deliver precious jugs of water to a haughty “aristocrat” in a pink wig. Upon receiving his water, the aristocrat rewards the vagabond with a strange, muddy brown concoction as the “persons for the people” refrain plays out for one more jubilant round.

The symbolism here suggests that PERSONS are campaigning for the liberation of the artist from co-dependent relationships imposed by the elite. The video’s co-director Jen Warne invites us to “straddle the dreary existence of artful makers without resources and catch glimpses of a ruling class who no longer have any class left to rule.”

Once freed from this capitalistic relationship, the artist can engage directly with their audience. That's what PERSONS do through exhibitionist dancing, nostalgic sampling and conversational, sing-song vocals. Their platform is clear, now you just have to decide if you can get behind it.

“Persons for the People” was directed by Jen Warne & Adam Kemp. Music by PERSONS (Jackson Darby, Benita Whyte, Katie McDonald & Sam Rosenberg)
PERSONS is now out on HAVNrecords and available to stream/download here.
Catch PERSONS on tour with Guy Madonna on the following dates (venues TBA):
Dec 1 Hamilton
Dec 2 Brantford
Dec 3 Toronto
Dec 4 London
Dec 5 St Catherines
Dec 6 Kingston
Dec 7 Guelph
Dec 8 Peterborough
Dec 9 Ottawa
Dec 10 Montreal

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