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Bob Dylan isn’t responding to the Nobel Prize committee, so Tim Heidecker did it for him

"Talkin' Nobel Prize" takes the words right out of Dylan's mouth.

- Oct 17, 2016

The Nobel Prize committee likely got exactly what they wanted in the aftermath of their announcement that Bob Dylan would be winning this year's Nobel Prize in Literature: lots and lots of attention and way more controversy than the Nobel Prize often gets. I literally got hate email (subject line: "SHOVING BOB Dylan Down My THROAT for my LIFETIME - STOP FOR ONCE") just for collecting some musicians' quotes about him.

Bob Dylan, Nobel Laureate: some people hate it, some people love it, everyone has an opinion about it.


bob dylan

Everyone has something to say about Bob Dylan

Everyone, that is, except Dylan himself.

As could be expected, Dylan — who always stays on his own weird path no matter how many books are written about him, no matter how many big money retirement festivals he gets booked on — has given no public opinion about the award. According to the Nobel committee, he won't return their phone calls. No one's sure if he'll even show up to collect his award. How Dylan is that?

Thank goodness we have Tim Heidecker, music's most topical '70s singer/songwriter parodist/absurdist comedian. When he's not baiting the alt-right, reviewing movies, or crooning earnestly, Heidecker moonlights as a faster Dylan than Dylan. He beat the songwriting legend to his own Titanic epic, he wrote him a Super Bowl song, and now he's given him a Nobel response song. Two of them, actually.

"Talkin' Nobel Prize" is a ramblin' folk song about how he despises the prize.

"take your medal and throw it away
come on back when you got something to say
or just save it for a rainy day.
ain’t nothing nobel bout me anyway"

Then, for good measure, Heidecker also went ahead and released a Judas version: "Nobel Prize Blues." It's nothing short of electric.

Until he says something about it himself, we're going to go ahead and take this as Dylan's official acceptance speech.


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