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PREMIERE: WEARENOTWHOWEARE’s debut EP is a time machine with two settings

The Toronto band's self-titled EP sounds like both 2006 and 2066.

- Oct 13, 2016

Like their nebulous, hedge maze of a name suggests, Toronto six-piece WEARENOTWHOWEARE are interested in paradoxes.

The six-piece band assembled from members of Still Life Still, Teen Tits Wild Wives, and The Paint Movement recalls the middle 2000s' Torontopia eclecti-pop scene, not just in personnel, but in ethic and aesthetic, too. Their diaphanous, thoroughly synthesized, and multi-valenced pop, however, also sounds like a signal sent back from some future time.

On their debut EP, streaming below, highly-orchestrated electronic compositions are made to respire. Field recordings sit beside boiling synth pads and saxophones and breathy voices, each bleeding into the other. WEARENOTWHOWEARE is a low-opacity vision, comfortable that pop music can exist in the diffuse and the multiple.

"We love experimenting with cinematic sounds," the band writes. "The variance between songs reflect the oscillation we feel through life, simultaneously comparing clarity of mind with our senses of colour through vibrancy. This record was produced during a cold dead winter, associating picturesque imagery behind some of the lyrics which jaunt around darkness, dead relationships, and anxiety. We spent countless hours getting lost in waves of transparency, yet completely surrounding ourselves with something we created as a whole."

Hop in the time machine. Go backward! Go forward!  Do both — somehow, at once.

WEARENOTWHOWEARE's self-titled EP is available through Heretical Objects Cooperative.

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