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Grimes & HANA just released 7 stunning music videos, all shot on a phone with no crew

The videos were all filmed on her days off from tour.

- Oct 5, 2016

Most people on their days off go to the park, binge watch some TV on Netflix, or maybe catch up on some reading. When you're Grimes, you shoot and release seven music videos. Yes, you heard that right, s-e-v-e-n.

While on her AC!D Reign tour in Europe, Claire Boucher, her co-director brother Mac Boucher, and the ethereal pop musician HANA, took some time before shows and on their days off to shoot a series of music videos. Originally intended to only be filming for "World Princess, Pt. II," as Grimes describes in a Twitter post, they felt it wasn't enough. What came of it was four music videos for cuts from Art Angels, and three music videos for HANA.

Grimes - Butterfly [Official Video]

What's most impressive is the production value of the music videos vs. the actual production budget. It was filmed on a phone, with no crew, no lighting, and no makeup. The videos are captivating. In beautiful, organic environments, with signature Grimes outfits, Mac and Claire Boucher were able to use the spontaneity to their advantage. This is most apparent in the opening of "World Princess, Pt. II" when Mac is freaking out about how good the shot looks while he's filming.

Grimes - World Princess Part II [Official Video]

Take a look at all the videos below.

HANA - Underwater [Official Video]

HANA - Chimera [Official Video]

Grimes - SCREAM ft. Aristophanes [Official Video]

HANA - Avalanche [Official Video]

Grimes - Belly of the Beat [Official Video]

And here's the "Director's Cut" — all seven videos in their intended order. Call it Grimes: The Movie.

Grimes X HANA - The AC!D Reign Chronicles {Director's Cut} [Official Video]

Grimes' Art Angels is out now via 4AD.

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