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These are the most dangerous comedians and musicians to Google

Be careful the next time you try to torrent a Bieber album or Amy Schumer special.

- Sep 30, 2016

The internet age has given us access to a whole host of new data to determine the popularity of musicians and celebrities, from YouTube views to Spotify streams. And you'd better believe Drake and Katy Perry are keeping track of their Twitter and Instagram follows. But there's another way of measuring the heat of a public figure: how likely they are to give you a virus.

Intel Security just released its 10th annual McAfee Most Dangerous Celebrities study, which tracks which celebrities are the most dangerous to search. Amy Schumer comes first, while musicians like Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Miley Cyrus fill out the list. Here's the whole top 10, in handy infographic form:

most dangerous celebrities-2016

It's clearly promoting McAfee's protection software, but it's still very handy for people who spend their days googling celebrities, whether they're music writers looking for interesting news (hi), mouthbreathers downloading the latest Nerdist podcast, illegal music and comedy streamers, or, like, anyone under 15.

Ignoring the fact that the findings manage to qualify Amy Schumer as a "female comedian" at every single mention of her name, there are some interesting findings here: If you google "Amy Schumer Torrent," for instance, you have a 33% chance of hitting a malicious website. Search Justin Bieber and you've got a 15% chance of hitting trouble (viruses, malware, credit card scams, etc).

Beyond the top 10, people searching late night hosts are likely to get hit (how else are you gonna know what dumb game Jimmy Fallon played with the next dangerous politician?), and those searching the hosts of The Voice.

There are also a lot of holdouts from streaming subscriptions, apparently, trying to access free music from artists like Drake (No. 13), Katy Perry (No. 14), Jason Aldean (No. 16), Justin Timberlake (No. 17), and Lady Gaga (No. 19).

So next time you want to hear the latest Drake & Rihanna rumours, don't try to google it. Just ask Dennis Graham instead:

Read the whole study here.

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