PREMIERE: Like A Motorcycle fight (nearly) to the death over beer in “Nobody Knows”

The Halifax rock band imagine what would happen if they were left alone with a single beer. Violence.

- Sep 20, 2016
(Left to Right : kt lamond, Michelle Skelding, Jillian Comeau, Kim Carson)

Chipped off the shoulder of their first full-length album — High Hopes — Like A Motorcycle’s new video for “Nobody Knows” takes you on wild goose (er, beer) chase through the sunny streets of Halifax on the hot heels of summer – with all the joie de vivre of Motörhead, and all the intense ferocity of four badasses kicking the hell out of each other in the name of a slight buzz.

The video – shot last month at the band’s house – is three-and-a-half-minutes of survival of the fittest, à la Rat Race meets Jackass.

“Basically, it's a race to get some leftover beer from our friend’s fridge, and we nearly kill each other in the process. We are all poor, depraved and riddled with vices. This would absolutely happen in real life — no question."

Like A Motorcycle / Nobody Knows

Directed by Dillon Garland and Chelsea Comeau, “Nobody Knows” takes the cake for the band’s most accomplished video to date (if you consider rolling joints and brawling on camera accomplished – which we do). “Our last video shoot was just us getting fucked up down in our mold-infested basement inside a box kt made out of Kijiji mirrors, so, yeah. This was a lot more fun.”

We are all poor, depraved and riddled with vices. This would absolutely happen in real life — no question."

Like A Motorcycle
The track itself boasts gusto, bravado and a meaty, methodical, head-banging grit – perhaps pulling influence from some of their musical icons (see: Pixies, Nirvana), and maybe leaving out some of their others (see: Cher, INXS). Whether you’re 13 or 33 — if the mosh-pit fever plagues you, this song welcomes the sickness, with a warm, wet, shoulder to the chest. “We want the people to feel like drinkin' and fightin'! [And it] wouldn’t hurt to get a laugh or two.”

The band – who also has a beer named after them (“It’s called ‘Like a Motorcyc-ale’ – available at Tidehouse Brewing in Halifax this October”) – just kicked off their fall tour for High Hopes. They’re performing in Europe this week, before heading back to Canada for a string of shows in Upper and Lower Canada. Check ‘em out and have a friggin’ ball, would ya?

like a motorcycle - high hopes

Like A Motorcycle's High Hopes is out now via GroundSwell Music.
09.23 - Germany @ Reeperbahn Festival
09.30 - Charlottetown, NS @ Baba's Lounge
10.01 - Saint John, NB @ Pepper's Pub
10.07 - Moncton, NB @ Plan B
10.08 - New Glasgow, NS @ The Commune
10.09 - Sydney, NS @ Capri Cabaret
10.11 - Quebec City, QC @ La Ninkasi
10.12 - Montreal, QC @ Divan Orange
10.13 - Ottawa, ON @ The Rainbow
10.14 - Guelph, ON @ Van Gogh's Ear
10.15 - Toronto, ON @ Sneaky Dee’s
11.03-06 - Truro, NS @ Nova Scotia Music Week
11.19 - Fredericton, NB @ The Capital
11.26 - Halifax, NS @ Gus's Pub

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