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Black metal musician elected to council in Norway after saying “Please don’t vote for me”

Fenriz of Darkthrone is now Councilman Fenriz of Kolbotn.

- Sep 15, 2016

Reverse psychology is a powerful magic. When Fenriz of influential Norwegian black metal duo Darkthrone was asked to be included on a list of back-up representatives for town council, he said sure, thinking he'd be like 18th in line. His campaign was a picture of him holding his cat with the caption: "Please don't vote for me."

The tiny town of Kolbotn, about 9,000 people, however, decided, "tough luck, you're going to be our politician whether you like it or not" and went ahead and voted Fenriz to power just for kicks.

Now, by a quirk of Norwegian politics, he can't step down and must serve as backup representative for four years.

Fenriz Darkthrone kolbotn cat

"After the election," Fenriz explains in interview with CLRVYNT, "the boss called me and told me I was a representative. I wasn’t too pleased... It’s boring. There’s not a lot of money in that either, I can tell you!"

Reluctant though he might be, he's warming up to the new sense of duty as a public servant. "I’m a pillar of my community," he says.

Darkthrone - Tundra Leech (Arctic Thunder)

Let that be a message to all you other joke candidates: it's all fun and games until somebody gets elected.

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