Mozart's Sister Eternally Girl

FULL SCREEN: Mozart’s Sister’s “Eternally Girl” will make your soul feel full

PLUS: The Luyas explore desert flora and Neon Indian combs the city for love.

- Aug 17, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, Mozart's Sister teaches the wisdom of an Eternal Girl, The Luyas find life in the desert, while Neon Indian searches for lost love.

Mozart's Sister, "Eternally Girl"

Mozart's Sister - Eternally Girl (Official Video)

"Eternally Girl" by Montreal's Caila Thompson-Hannant a.k.a. Mozart's Sister is an ecstatic bit of '90s dance pop. The kind of thing you wanna play as you get ready in the mirror for Friday night and then end up repeat requesting from the DJ later but who cares because it's soo soo good. The video, directed by Blake Gilley, sees Thompson-Hannant running back and forth through the same scene. What more is life really? You've gotta find some fun in it. Such is the wisdom of every Eternal Girl and Boy.

Mozart's Sister's “Eternally Girl b/w Angel" Cassette is available for pre-order from Arbutus.

The Luyas, "Says You"

THE LUYAS 'Says You' [Official Video]

Montreal art-pop outfit The Luyas deliver "Says You" with a dreamy (hallucinated?) animated video by Amanda Bonaiuto. Who says there isn't life in the desert? There's all these cacti, waxy flowers, spiny button things, and fleshy tentacles that wave at you when you pass by just like you're the Santa Clause in this sweltering, maybe deadly hot, Santa Clause parade. Woah, I could use a glass of water.

The Luyas' Says You EP is out September 16 on Paper Bag Records.

Neon Indian, "Annie"

Neon Indian - Annie Official Video

In "Annie," Neon's Indian's love interest runs away with a suspicious fella on a motorbike. He combs the city looking for her, set to what the video's karaoke cues calls "upbeat tropical music." After trying to connect with her telepathically on a late night chat show, he finally finds Annie on deserted beach. But Annie doesn't want to be found.

Neon Indian's VEGA INTL. Night School is out now on Mom + Pop/ Static Tongues.

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