DJ Barack Obama - Summer Playlist

Check out these musicians freaking out over landing on Obama’s summer playlist

How would you feel if the most powerful man in the world put you on his "vInEyArD jAmZ" playlist?

- Aug 11, 2016

It is with much bewilderment, some incredulity, and perhaps a little sadness that I say to you the following 100% factual sentence: the 44th President of the United States has shared his final summer playlist.

Barack Obama, Leader of the free world, has had few reservations letting everybody know what songs he fucks with, especially in the summertime, you know, when he's frolfing at Martha's Vineyard or trying to coordinate Syrian military activity with the Russians. Last year, he shared his vacation playlist in two parts, and today, he's similarly dropped off separate playlists — one daytime, one nighttime — for the dog days.

Can you imagine being named to Barry's Faves Summer '16? It's fun a little game trying to envision when and how these songs helped him through the long hours in the Oval. Did a track like Chance The Rapper's "Acid Rain," say, have any influence over his policy decisions? Did Courtney Barnett's "Elevator Operator" give him the confidence to play hardball with Putin?

We turned to Twitter to see how the artists of "President Obama's 2016 Summer Playlist" reacted to the news. Some were mystified by his knowledge of deep cuts, like Chance, some commended his skills as a selector, like Nas, some used it to take on the haters (we see you Wale) but most were just plain honoured (and probably low key pretty stoked for the new wave of Spotify royalties this guarantees).

Check out the reactions below, and scroll to the bottom for the full Spotify playlist:

Here's the full Spotify playlist:

Now somebody get this guy a Beats 1 show.


DJ Barack Obama - Summer Playlist

What’s Barack Obama getting down to on Summer vacation?

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