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FULL SCREEN: American Lips’ “Heat Wave” is a late-night Tumblr loop headspin

The new project from Death From Above 1979's Sebastien Grainger and Tricky Woo's Adrian Popovich. PLUS: new videos from Tasha The Amazon and STACEY.

- Aug 9, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, we get weird in three different ways with three different Toronto projects: American Lips, Tasha The Amazon, and STACEY.

American Lips, "Heat Wave"

Death From Above 1979's Sebastien Grainger continues his streak of teaming up with unsung Canadian indie heroes for anatomically named bands. American Lips is Grainger's new project with Jessica Bruzzese and her husband Adrian Popovich (of just-before-their-time garage revivalists Tricky Woo), and after you hear the get-in-get-out garage-punk magic of their first song "Heat Wave" you'll probably be hearing it in your head for days.

Its video, directed by Grainger (who plays drums in the group), is fueled by the same thing that probably fuels you: late night spirals into the depths of the internet. "It's more of an editing exercise," he tells Chart Attack. "I spend hours scrolling through Tumblr archives and collecting GIFs, then I assemble them to the track in a stream of consciousness."

American Lips' upcoming debut LP Kiss The Void is the first formal result of a loose ongoing collaboration between Grainger and Popovich, and it's fitting it'll be the first release on their new label Ancient Fashion. "Everything about the band and the label is done because we're excited about music, and making things weirder together," says Grainger.

American Lips' Kiss The Void will be out in fall on Ancient Fashion.

Tasha The Amazon, "Picasso Leaning"

Tasha the Amazon - Picasso Leaning - Official Music Video

"Picasso Leaning," one of the most uniquely popular songs in Toronto, is given the video treatment with a clip directed by Colin G. Cooper. Following the woozy party vibe of Tasha The Amazon's weirded-out ode to altered states, the eye-catching video finds the "Tim Leary of the rap season" getting tipsy and slippery at Toronto's Apt. 200 until she feels like Pablo. Soon, everyone's faces have distorted into something the cubists might paint if they had access to something stronger than absinthe.

Tasha the Amazon's Die Every Day EP will be out soon.

STACEY, "Build Me Up"

STACEY - Build Me Up

You rarely realize until you stop and listen to the lyrics, but many of the old classics you dance to at weddings are totally heartbreaking. In her new version of The Foundations' '68 soul hit "Build Me Up Buttercup," Toronto singer/songwriter STACEY uses her jawdropping voice to bring out the heartache and longing of the original, whose protagonist keeps getting mistreated and stepped on but just keeps coming back for more. "A reassignment of context & chords," she calls it, "unmasking decades of secret devastation."

Laura-Lynn Petrick's Super8 video further unravels that timeless emotional hurt, unmasking the dark side of grainy old school glamour. Deep romance isn't always a happy thing.

STACEY's sophomore EP is coming soon.

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