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Atlantic Records subpoenas Reddit to find out who leaked their precious Twenty One Pilots song

Atlantic wants user "twentyoneheathens" head on a platter, but first, their IP address.

- Aug 3, 2016

Usually when a song gets leaked, it's followed quickly by a takedown notice. You know, something or rather about DMCA or one of those "this content has been blocked due to a copyright claim"-type messages. The record companies are most interested in stemming the illegal flow of product. Seldom do they go after the leaker him or herself. Unless, it turns out, you leak a precious Twenty One Pilots song.

According to reports from TorrentFreakAtlantic Records has asked the Supreme Court of New York to issue a subpoena to the San Francisco-based, user-generated news board Reddit to divulge the IP address of the user named "twentyoneheathens" who leaked Twenty One Pilots' "Heathens" on June 15, nine days before its planned release. The post, titled “[Leak] New Song – ‘Heathens” on r/twentyonepilots, is still up.

Atlantic was unable to block its distribution and decided to release the track on June 16, upsetting its marketing plans set to coincide with promotion for the summer blockbuster Suicide Squad, where it appears on the soundtrack.

twenty one pilots: Heathens (from Suicide Squad: The Album) [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The label is ruffled not only because advanced copies were distributed to a very limited number of people within the organization, but also because it believes the leak damaged single and album sales, which fell well below predictions (because it went unsupported by Atlantic's "carefully-planned" marketing strategy, the petition to the Supreme Court reads).

TorrentFreak contacted the operator of file-host Dropfile, the service used to host the leak, but the operator said the label has not been in contact, and moreover, the site, which is based in Slovakia where it's not mandatory to track visitors, does not keep any logs on its users.

TorrentFreak believes Reddit is likely to comply with the subpoena, but that doesn't mean the Atlantic goon squad will ever get their leaker.


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