how to dress well - lost youth / lost you

FULL SCREEN: How To Dress Well’s new video is like watching an orgy with a kaleidoscope

PLUS: An unofficial video gets MF DOOM's stamp of approval, Into It. Over It. inspires a costume trend.

- Jul 27, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, How To Dress Well, MF DOOM and Into It. Over It inspire obsessions big and small.

How To Dress Well, "Lost Youth / Lost You"

How To Dress Well - Lost Youth / Lost You (Official Video)

"Lost Youth / Lost You" is the first single from How To Dress Well's forthcoming Care, and the glitzy breakup track marks our first taste of his arena-friendly collaboration with Bleachers' Jack Antonoff. The video, directed by Ben Tricklebank, shows Tom Krell moving from intimate pose with one person to the next, as the dancers switch positions and partners, their bodies warped and mirrored by the lens. It's kind of like watching an orgy with a kaleidoscope. - Chris Hampton

How To Dress Well's Care is out September 23 on Domino.

MF DOOM, "Gas Drawls"


DOOM fans are used to waiting forever for the masked MC to release things, but he has such a dedicated cult that now they've begun taking matters into their own hands. Animator Dustooned created the unofficial music video for MF Doom's classic "Gas Drawls," and with his classic '99 debut set for rerelease on red and black vinyl, the villain himself has given it his stamp of approval. He may not have been involved, but it seems like it formed from behind his mask... or at least his doodle notebook. It's a scratchy, lo-fi cartoon journey through his career, with art inspired by all of his album covers, lyrics and mythology. There's enough to obsess over in these 2 minutes and 22 seconds to keep fans going for a good while longer. Take your time, man. - Richard Trapunski

MF Doon's Operation Doomsday is available for order at Rappcats.

Into It. Over It., "No EQ"

Into It. Over It. "No EQ" (Official Video)

I love Kim Kardashian just as much as the next person, and I respect everyone’s carefree love they have for celebrities, but how weird would it be if everyone wanted to be her so bad that they went out and got costumes to make it happen? Into It. Over It.’s new video for “No EQ” is a parallel universe where Evan Weiss is as famous as a Kardashian. Halloween rolls around and there’s thousands of little Evans walking around the streets. But it’s even weirder when it’s not Halloween; people are just addicted to the guy so bad that they need to be with him or be him at all hours of the day. Poor guy. Maybe he should take some of his own advice. - Ryan Parker

Into It. Over It.'s new album Standards is out now on Triple Crown Records.

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