Ian MacKaye Dischord Records Bandcamp

Dischord is uploading all its releases to Bandcamp

The legendary D.C. indie label joined Bandcamp and uploaded the punk mother lode.

- Jul 26, 2016
Photo by: Pat Graham

UPDATE: Dischord just uploaded even more, including Jawbox and Lungfish.

They'll have the whole catalogue, including the remaining bits and pieces, "in the coming weeks."

Dischord Records continues to be a terrific force for good in the world. On Monday, Ian MacKaye and Jeff Nelson's groundbreaking D.C. indie joined Bandcamp and uploaded, basically, its entire catalog, available for cheap purchase and streaming free. Dig through it here.

There are some crucial outfits and albums mysteriously absent from the dump — where's the Shudder To Think? Where's Jawbox? — but you can only hope that this new accessibility will introduce another generation to bands like Fugazi, Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, and The Nation of Ulysses, sure, obviously, but also the bands that don't get talked about as much like Channels and Q and Not U and Mary Timony's excellent pre-Helium group Autoclave. We can also hope this means more uploads are on the way.

Well, I know what I'm listening to this morning/afternoon/night. Here are some of our favourites, but please please please, do your own digging, too:


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