Rae Spoon I hear them calling

FULL SCREEN: Rae Spoon parties in protest of transphobic bathroom bills

PLUS: White Lung's new video can induce seizures, while Video Age's latest can induce dancing.

- Jul 19, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, Rae Spoon parties in a bathroom, White Lung freak out at home, and New Orleans' Video Age score a feel-good '80s comeback.

Rae Spoon, "I Hear Them Calling"

Rae Spoon - I Hear Them Calling - Official Music Video

"I hope that everybody gets to be who and what they are," a voice says midway through the new video for Calgary singer/songwriter Rae Spoon's "I Hear Them Calling." "I just know if I have to pee I'm gonna pee. I don't care where it's going to be."

In a perfect world those would be two unrelated statements. A bathroom is a bathroom; it's a place to relieve yourself. Yet, based on transphobic bathroom bills that force people to use the bathroom based on the sex on their birth certificate rather than the gender they identify with, they've become political arenas. They've also criminalized spaces that are already uncomfortable and often dangerous for trans people.

"I Hear Them Calling," the follow up to Spoon and director Chelsea McMullan's gorgeous NFB film My Prairie Home, shows the absurdity of that fact by reclaiming the bathroom as a positive space, a party. 23 LGBTQ and ally youth participants made their own monster costumes, jumped into an accessible, all-gender bathroom, and then danced all over it. If it's going to be more than a place to pee, it might as well be something fun. - Richard Trapunski

Rae Spoon's Armour is out now.

White Lung, "Dead Weight"

White Lung - Dead Weight (Official Video)

White Lung's new video opens with a warning about triggering seizures. I believe it. The John Stavas-directed video for the Polaris Prize-shortlisted band's "Dead Weight," with its disorienting strobe effect, has singer Mish Barber-Way fully freaking out, jerking violently around the rooms and hallways of some featureless suburban home. It's a crisis reflecting the track's anxious, dizzy take on melodic hardcore. - Chris Hampton

White Lung's Paradise is out now on Domino.

Video Age, "Dance Square"

Video Age are a New Orleans-based duo who make analog era synthpop. The Harry Bartle-directed video for "Dance Square" plays like '80s underdog drama — our protagonist rehearsing his moves in the privacy of an abandoned warehouse, cut into montage, before he wins the State dance championship or whatever. First prize. - Chris Hampton

Video Age's Living Alone is out July 29 on Inflated Records.

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