FULL SCREEN: Francis and the Lights dances with Bon Iver and Kanye

PLUS: ScHoolboy Q floats through purgatory, Death Grips put an old boot to good use.

- Jul 11, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, Francis and the Lights recruit Kanye and Bon Iver, ScHoolboy Q is faced with a hard decision, and Death Grips play puppet theatre with an old boot.

Francis and the Lights, "Friends" (feat. Bon Iver and Kanye West)

Francis and the Lights - Friends ft. Bon Iver and Kanye West

"Friends" first made an appearance on Chance The Rapper's Colouring Book, self-sampled by Francis Farewell Starlite for the track "Summer Friends." Now, the original has surfaced, complete with the same glowing vocal harmonies and plinking synths. Combine that with a choreographed video featuring Kanye West and Justin Vernon, and you've got one mesmerizing piece of art.

ScHoolboy Q, "Black THougHts (Pt. 3)"

ScHoolboy Q - Black THougHts (Pt. 3)

In "Black THougHts (Pt. 3)," ScHoolboy finds himself in a trance-like state, torn between a life of crime and his love for his daughter. He and his friends are on the verge of getting locked up, and as they stare a life-sentence in the face, Q is forced to take a step back and reevaluate things. What's really important? 

ScHoolboy Q's Blank Face LP is out now via TDE.

Death Grips, "Giving Bad People Good Ideas"

Death Grips - Giving Bad People Good Ideas

Don't be so quick to throw away those old beat up shoes you have laying around, they could come in handy one day. Take Death Grips for example. Rather than tossing out this old worn out boot, they strategically dismantled it and made a cheap DIY music video. Reduce, reuse, recycle, right?

Death Grip's Bottomless Pit is out now via Harvest Records.

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