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Tokyo Police Club (and friends) played the same song for 12 hours straight

"PCH" got played in infinite variations, including some help from members of Dilly Dally, The Elwins, and more.

- Jun 27, 2016

Yesterday in Toronto, Tokyo Police Club played a concert with a set list of one song... and they played it for 12 straight hours. The band took over the appropriately named Rally Gallery to celebrate their new single "PCH" by grinding every last drop out of it. If they came out of it hating their own song, at least it was for a good cause: all proceeds went to the Canadian Red Cross. (They still do, if you want to donate.)

Here's how they started, still fresh faced and spritely at noon, 219 "PCH"s from the finish line:

There was limited space at the gallery, so the crowd was mostly made of friends and superfans, all of whom were invited to come take a turn. They shared the tab in advance:


For those who couldn't make it, they were live on Facebook and Periscope with video from the performance. Spoilers: they played a lot of "PCH."

Some friends came through, which meant we got some weird Frankenstein performances from Tokyo Police Club & The Elwins:

Tokyo Police Club & Tokyo Police Fans:

They played it acoustic, they played it punk, they played it fast, they played it slow. They sat, they stood, they ran around, they kumbayaed. They probably drank a lot of water. I hope they drank a lot of water.

Members of bands like Born Ruffians and Grey Lands came out to play, but the best guest spot came from Katie Monks of Dilly Dally. That's because Katie Monks and Dave Monks (Tokyo Police Club's lead singer) are brother and sister, and so their impromptu acoustic duet is both heartwarming and very Chart-friendly. It's the night in a nutshell: warm, friendly, spontaneous, and proof that a 3 minute pop song is infinitely mutable.

Watch that here, and donate to the Red Cross here.

Tokyo Police Club's Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness (Part 1) is out now via Dine Alone Records.

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