Someone made a seamless mix of background music from the original Spider-Man series

Fans have been tracking down the soundtrack to the 1967 cartoon show for decades. This is the next best thing.

- Jun 27, 2016

Everyone knows the original Spider-Man theme song, and also how to find it. It's a modern standard, as easy to listen to as anything by Sinatra or Dylan.

But there's a dedicated subset of cartoon nostalgists who, for decades, have been just as eager to locate the rest of the late-'60s animated TV show's music. It's been tough, since the soundtrack was never officially released and the masters have been near impossible to track down.

So one YouTube user, 11db11, spun it back together.

Spider-Man Music 1967-69 (ALL Background Music)

(H/t to Retroist for finding it.)

Piecing together background and incidental music as seamlessly as possible, it's a brilliant compilation of that utterly distinct, jazzy score with much of the sound effects and dialogue (recorded, by the way, in Toronto by CBC voice actors) removed. You can still hear the occasional "my spidey sense is tingling" or "the Scorpion is loose!" but, you'll likely agree, that just adds to the atmosphere. It's like a time machine.

The music is credited mostly to Ray Ellis, a producer and arranger who's worked with Billie Holiday, Buddy Holly, Barbara Streisand, and more. In addition to doing all the music for season one of Spider-Man in 1967, he also composed much of the music for the cartoon studio Filmation under his wife's name Yvette Blais. And so you can hear his music everywhere from Flash Gordon to Sabrina The Teenage Witch.

Cartoon music isn't always considered great art, especially for someone who's worked with Emmylou Harris, but listening to this addictive, hypnotic Spider-Man compilation is a great argument that it should be. Let it play for awhile and hear for yourself. And then, what the hell, listen to the Spider-Man theme song.

Spiderman theme song 1960s


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