Hurry! 7 more unreleased Nirvana recordings have surfaced online

Somehow the Nirvana archive hasn't run dry. But these leaks don't last long, so listen while you can.

- Jun 22, 2016

Roughly 20 minutes of unreleased Nirvana recordings have been leaked, dated February 15, 1993. The 7 track tape includes alternative versions of "Dumb" and "Marigold," as well as two never before heard songs.

According to Alternative Nation, the recordings, unofficially named The Pachyderm Sessions, found their way online after a fan purchased the tape reel on eBay and posted it to a private Nirvana forum. That being said, last time a bunch of unreleased Nirvana recordings were leaked they were taken down pretty damn quickly, so there's no guarantee that these are going to stay up for long. Don't you just love the internet?

NIRVANA - Dave Solo (previously unreleased 1993 02 15)

One of the two previously unheard tracks, "Dave Solo," has Dave Grohl taking on all the playing by himself, supposedly laying down takes for every instrument. It opens with a woman saying “the one I didn’t play him," before diving into two-minutes of shredding. It certainly sounds like a solo Dave Grohl track.

It's a significantly different vibe compared to the other previously unheard cut, "Lullaby," which honestly just sounds like Nirvana messing around and having a bit of fun with a trippy sounding organ.

Nirvana - Lullaby

Below is the full track list for The Pachyderm Sessions. It's been speculated that Kurt Cobain played the drums on #4 and #7, but that still remains unconfirmed.

1) Dumb
2) Dumb (Instrumental)
3) Dave Solo
4) Marigold (Instrumental)
5) Marigold (Instrumental)
6) Marigold (With Cello)
7) Lullaby (Instrumental)

If you want to hear the tape in it's entirety, Reddit has you covered. A few users have taken matters into their own hands, posting mirror-links and directing people to the appropriate corners of the web.

Pachyderm Reel #5 [24/96] (here you go u/mynameis_elmo) from Nirvana

Enjoy while you still can.

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