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Google AI just wrote its first song

We're about two years away from a Google song of the summer.

- Jun 2, 2016

This isn't the first piece of music composed by a computer. The Beatles weren't the first rock band on Ed Sullivan either. But it's a moment that might one day be called "watershed." It might also be called "the beginning of the end." Who knows?

Google unveiled its Magenta program at Moogfest. The program, part of the deep learning Google Brain project, will use Google's open-source artificial intelligence platform TensorFlow to research machine learning in artistic creation, i.e. have a machine write a song.

On Wednesday, Magenta dropped it's first track: a menacingly hopeful-sounding 90-second piano tune. You wouldn't call it a banger. Neither was the first song I ever wrote. The point is: it's learning. Google even added a peppy drum track to prop it up the same way your music teacher accompanied you in recitals.

Cute. And also kind of terrifying.

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