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FULL SCREEN: The Avalanches return and make everybody lose their minds

PLUS: A bounty of must-see videos from Junior Boys, M.I.A., and Kool A.D.

- Jun 2, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, The Avalanches return for real, Junior Boys are creeps, M.I.A. is ready to take on the world, and Kool A.D. animates relationships.

The Avalanches ft. Danny Brown and MF Doom, "Frankie Sinatra"

The Avalanches - Frankie Sinatra

There is new Avalanches. This is not a test. The reclusive aussie crate diggers have been teasing the Since I Left You followup for more than half my life. And this first taste is full-strength wacky. "Frankie Sinatra" flips Wilmoth Houdini's "Bobby Sox Idol" calypso song into a carnivalesque organ grinder tune and lets MF Doom and Danny Brown — two patented characters — run amuck like cartoon super villains. Think Gorillaz with a more enviable record collection.

In the video, directed by Fleur & Manu, a mysterious ice cream truck shows up and serves everybody toxic yellow smoothies and the whole town loses their fool heads. It's kind of what's happening irl right now. We've been waiting 16 years for that truck, but they did it their way, I guess. - Chris Hampton

The Avalanches' long-awaited Wildflower is out July 8 available for pre-order here.

Junior Boys, "No One's Business"

Junior Boys - No One's Business

When musicians use time lapse videos, it's usually a total cliché. I mean, how many sped up shots of an arena stage being set up do we need to see? On the other hand, Junior Boys' new video, directed by Simon Mercer, shows us a single time-lapse set piece of a man getting ready in his dank basement — shaving, changing, and then setting up for... well, whatever it is it's not a cliché. And it's no one's business. Whatever smashes your piñata. - Richard Trapunski

Junior Boys' Big Black Coat is out now via Geej and City Slang.

M.I.A., "Poc That Still A Ryda"


"M.I.A. on the mic, this is gonna be sick." Right from the opening line, you know you're in for a treat with this track. M.I.A oozes strength and confidence, much like the group of horses who are powering through the desert along side an army of Jeeps. She sounds like she's ready to take on the entire world herself, "here for every colour including Black Lives Matter." In the description, the Fly Pirate states that this song is a mix of all the songs on her upcoming LP. This is definitely one coherent track, so who knows, but I'm excited nonetheless. - Adam Pugsley

M.I.A.'s upcoming album will arrive some time this summer (hopefully).

Kool A.D., "Prove It"

KOOL A.D. - "Prove It" (Official Music Video)

This animated video directed by Ronald Grandpey gives me nothing but "Paranoid Android" vibes, and that's not a complaint. "Prove It" is like a reflection on the highs and lows of a relationship. From sitting and smoking in the back of a car together, visiting the beach, and enjoying each other's company, to awkwardly seeing each other at the bar after things have gone wrong, then blankly staring at your phone hoping they'll call. The whole spectrum is here on display. - Adam Pugsley 

Kool A.D.'s O.K. is out now.

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