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FULL SCREEN: Strange, psychedelic new videos from Holy Fuck, Phèdre, and more

PLUS: Coldplay releases one of the most innovative videos of the year. Actually.

- May 18, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, Holy Fuck gets the Chad VanGaalen treatment, Scott Hardware shows what happens when the sun goes down, Phèdre makes our head spin. And Coldplay puts out one of the most innovative videos of the year. Actually.

Holy Fuck, "Xed Eyes"

Holy Fuck - "Xed Eyes" (Official Video)

As if "Xed Eyes" wasn't enough of a trip, there's now a set of visuals to accompany the thumping psych-rock track. The video, directed by Chad VanGaalen, is like a face-melting journey through a world of acid induced hallucinations. Chad's animated characters morph and contort into various forms, awash in layers of rippling, saturated colour. I don't even know what's going on, and that's the beauty of it. It's kind of his thing.

Holy Fuck's Congrats drops May 29 via Innovative Leisure.

Scott Hardware, "New Money Walk"

Scott Hardware - "New Money Walk"

Over a programmed drum pattern, Toronto's Scott Hardware (fka Ken Park) anxiously sings alongside a set of bouncing synth chords. The visuals are minimalist, highlighting a contrast between the sleek architecture of a modern city and the colourful world that emerges when the sun goes down. On his Facebook page, Scott Hardware gave the following explanation:

"For this video I asked Felix Kalmenson to dwell on ideas of queerness and capitalism with a focus on tackiness, and I said please Felix, please, don't make it like a 'music video'."

Well, good job Felix, you nailed it.

Scott Hardware's Mutate Repeat Infinity is out June 24 via Montreal’s Banko Gotiti Records.



"ZASTROSZY" is a song fuelled by jittery, sporadic production. Much like the amusement park that serves as the setting for the video, there's a lot going on in this track. Each musical scene comes and goes in a flash, barely giving you enough time to jump onto the next ride and buckle up. The distorted low end, the lights, the machinery — I can feel my head spinning. Can someone get me a barf bag?

"ZASTROSZY" is available for purchase on Phèdre's Bandcamp.

Coldplay, "Up&Up"

Coldplay - Up&Up (Official video)

Okay, okay... yes, this is Coldplay song. And sure, our staff writer Chris Hampton accurately described them as "cinematic aunt rock" not too long ago. This video for "Up&Up," however, is actually great. It's a surrealist, perspective-bending four minutes, featuring underwater eagles and space-travelling cars, and, yeah, one of the cheesiest guitar solo moments of the year. My description won't do justice to how innovative this video is, though (actually!), so you're better off just watching it. Perhaps on mute.

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