Chance The Rapper Coloring Book

It’s another huge week for album streams

New albums from Chance The Rapper and Jessy Lanza and Hooded Fang and Modern Baseball and... you get the picture.

- May 13, 2016

I still haven't recovered from that freak wave of huge releases last week, and already another is crashing on top of me. I'm drowning in amazing music. This is how I always wanted to go.

This week, we've got a blockbuster album from Chance The Rapper (which, it turns out, is not called Chance 3), plus new ones from Jessy Lanza, Hooded Fang, and more. If you're going to keep your head above the water, you'll have to get listening quickly. New Car Seat HeadrestAriana Grande and Pantha Du Prince are cresting on the horizon and there are so many Chano lines you'll want to memorize before they land.

We've rounded up all of the streams you'll need.

Chance The Rapper, Coloring Book

Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book (Full Mixtape)

This is Chancelor Bennet's moment. He's been winning on bigger and bigger stages. He wooed new hearts when he appeared on Colbert or SNL with Donnie Trumpet, but he went and made a bid for the whole damn throne when he outshone Kanye on his own album. Now it's time for a wider break. They say you can't win a Grammy for a mixtape. We'll see.

Jessy Lanza, Oh No

The Hamilton-based electronic singer/songwriter's 2013 debut attracted international attention for her cool and restrained retro tone synth-pop. This follow-up is bound to bump at dance clubs and house parties for the next two years. Pre-empt the hype with an early spin.

Hooded Fang, Venus On Edge

Long-running Toronto avant punk unit Hooded Fang return with their fourth LP and its all pointy and hyperactive and jittery. But make no mistake, it's very much pop music. You'll be whistling these tunes as you wait in line at the sandwich shop.

Braids, Companion

Braids recorded these four tracks shortly after the release of 2015's Deep in the Iris. The band thought of the songs as existing separately from the full-length, but not as orphans. Companions with each other rather. The collection showcases the white-hot energy they wield and their ability to control it: to stem it and let it build, to fire it off in measured pulses, to open up and release it all at once like a beam, flattening whatever and whomever it touches.

Modern Baseball, Holy Ghost

After I heard "Wedding Singer," I got understandably hyped to hear Holy Ghost. It's a short record (under 30 minutes) packed full of memorable, up-tempo pop punk moments and a few chilled out acoustic tracks. It feels genuine, too.

Devon Welsh, Down the Mountain

Down the Mountain continues the Majical Cloudz signature: Welsh's anxious and ultra sincere crooning stretched over spare keys and warm organ drone. It's a dusk album. Music for the streetlights to hum to.

Head Wound City, A New Wave of Violence

Eleven years after the EP they screeched in on, noise, and grind supergroup Head Wound City (members of Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Locust, and The Blood Brothers) return with their first full-length. Press play, slay spreadsheets.

Twin Peaks, Down in Heaven

Chicago garage rockers Twin Peaks are back with another full-length. There's some gorgeous guitar tones on here, and in general the record feels a little more chilled out than their previous work.

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