Grimes Flesh Without Blood The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

FULL SCREEN: Grimes brings her stage spectacle to late-night TV

PLUS: Brand new videos from River Tiber, Ought, and Modern Baseball.

- May 5, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, Grimes empties her toy chest for The Tonight Show, River Tiber shares his scrapbook, Ought aren't afraid to dance, and Modern Baseball have a super weird day.

Grimes, "Flesh Without Blood"

Jimmy Fallon introduces Grimes' Tonight Show performance saying: "Our next guest writes and produces all of her music." It's sort of a tiresome narrative, but when you realize, if it were a dude performing, people would likely just assume they've done it all themselves, you realize the campaign might be necessary. And Grimes puts her many talents on display: singing, dancing, playing guitar and various synths and samplers. While the choreographed stage spectacle swirls on around her, her work — flying from one rack of instruments to the next — is put into sharp focus. It's amazing to watch. - Chris Hampton

Grimes' Art Angels is out now via 4AD.

River Tiber ft. Daniel Caesar, "West"

River Tiber - West Feat. Daniel Caesar (Official Video)

For me, grainy footage pretty reliably lights up the nostalgia centres. So do River Tiber's glowing synths here. But "West," featuring Toronto soul voice Daniel Caesar, is about the future. It's about looking in a new direction. The video, shot by Keavan Yazdani and Tiber, scrapbooks snatches of their travels. How far, it seems, they've already gone. - Chris Hampton

River Tiber's Indigo is due out this summer.

Ought, "Beautiful Blue Sky"

Ought - Beautiful Blue Sky

We called it one of the best Canadian songs in 2015. The song drinks deep of the abyss and finds liberation in Nothingness. To accompany, director Bobby McHugh follows an automaton of a fella (performed by Matt Drews) about his daily routines and rituals. All movements laboured and scripted, until he malfunctions, collapsing in the corner of the stairwell. Coming to, he finds, he can move however he likes. There is nothing to stop him. So he dances. - Chris Hampton

Ought's Sun Coming Down is available now from Constellation Records.

Modern Baseball, "Wedding Singer"

Modern Baseball - Wedding Singer (Official Music Video)

Kid, the family’s falling apart. In Modern Baseball’s latest music video, the protagonist leaves a chaotic funeral and is picked up by a stranger in a hearse. Inside his head, a metal band thrashes, until the day turns around with them breaking into a roller skating arena and finding a dance party, which results in a rush of endorphins. Then, the band gets replaced by Modern Baseball. A very fitting metaphor, as Modern Baseball, too, make me happy. - Ryan Parker

Modern Baseball's Holy Ghost is out May 13th on Run For Cover Records.

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