Lido Pimienta Agua

FULL SCREEN: Lido Pimienta leads a chant to the water

PLUS: Fantastic new videos from Canadian bands Suuns, Greys, and Seaway.

- Apr 5, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, Lido Pimienta politicizes water, Montreal's Suuns flip through virtual worlds, Greys look inside, and Seaway trip back to the '90s.

Lido Pimienta, "Agua"

Lido Pimienta - AGUA

According to the UN, roughly 10% of Earth's population lives without access to clean drinking water. Like any resource, its ownership and distribution are the subject of considerable political and economic interest. Unlike other commodities, however, it is absolutely necessary to life.

"Agua" by Toronto-based Colombian artist Lido Pimienta is a chant to the water, a canto-al-agua, she says. It's inspired by a movement lead by Indigenous Colombians concerning water shortages and sanitation, especially in the Wayuu territory, where her family is from. The water crises there mirror the issues affecting First Nations communities here. Water joins us.

The video, directed by Lido Pimienta, uses water as a symbol for interconnection. But it can also divide us. - Chris Hampton

Suuns, "Brainwash"

Suuns - Brainwash (Official Video)

Maybe US Senator Ted Stevens was right after all, maybe the internet really is a series of tubes, its pipelines seamlessly connecting far-flung virtual worlds. In the video clip for Suuns' "Brainwash," directed by bassist and keyboardist Max Henry within a virtual reality app built for the band by Jake Clover and Nicolas Roy, we're shuttled through 3D modelled cyberscapes, flipping from beach to megalopolis to abstract digital space as abruptly as the track the switches, like binary, from sunny strumming to ground-quaking industrial. - Chris Hampton

Suuns' Hold/Still is out on April 15, 2016 on Secret City and Secretly Canadian.

Seaway, “Stubborn Love”

Seaway "Stubborn Love" Official Music Video

As I’ve said before, “Stubborn Love” should be ranked among the best pop songs of the year, with a chorus so explosive it could finally make the leaning tower of Pisa collapse. Today, it received its rightful video treatment, which brings them on a trip back to the '90s, complete with Space Jam and Jurassic Park on VHS. It’s a vintage love story. If Seaway performed at every grade school photo day, maybe everyone wouldn’t be so miserable. - Ryan Parker

Seaway’s Colour Blind is out now on New Damage Records.

Greys, "Blown Out"

Greys - "Blown Out" (official music video)

Explaining major depression to someone who's never experienced mental illness is difficult. There is a wide gulf between sympathy and empathy. "Hearing someone out is one thing, but really listening to them is another," says Greys singer/guitarist Shehzaad Jiwani in an email to The Fader.

"Blown Out," directed by Jiwani and Allison Johnston, portrays the wild disparities between the interior and exterior lives of someone who is going through, what we might call, "a difficult time." Alarm bells can sound, even at the coffee shop. That's the tricky thing about anxiety, you can't always identify the whys, never mind make sense of them. And Greys grungy psychedelia here is, at once, an expression of that turmoil, and a wholehearted plea for compassion. - Chris Hampton

Greys' Outer Heaven is out April 22 on Buzz Records and Carpark Records.

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