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PREMIERE: Unreal Thought’s “Morose Paradise” unites Halifax punks in goth gloom

Halifax's punk and hardcore scenes are blooming, but this is where they channel their love of The Cure.

- Mar 24, 2016

Halifax's punk and hardcore scene is blossoming right now, and Cody Googoo is in, seemingly, all the bands. Through projects like Grump, Negative Rage, Alienation, Science Project, and Carcass Toss, he's pretty much ensured his spot on any punk bill in the city.

But there seems to be a point where every hardcore kid starts to get into Joy Division and The Cure. Suddenly, it's all ice cold vocal hooks, spiky rhythms, and prominent keyboards. Call it grown up goth, or post-punk with an emphasis on the "punk." Whatever it is, it's working for Unreal Thought.

The trio (also in the band: Dylan Chew of Soft Spot and Kings Girls; Ben Radford of Life Chain, Fragment and Mean Mug have a new release on Craft Singles. A stripped-down, lo-fi take on that pitch black darkwave that once filled late night goth clubs, Unreal Thought's "Morose Paradise" single sounds like you're in the same room with them, contemplating how everything dies.

Now that this 4-track recording is out in the world, Unreal Thought are at work on a full-length for later 2016. That is, if their dozen or so other bands don't get in the way.

Unreal Thought's "Morose Paradise" / "The Look, The Talk" 7" is out now on Craft Singles. It's clear vinyl, in a re-sealable polymer sleeve, and you can buy it here.

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