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PREMIERE: Humanities’ debut EP reflects the anxiety of the modern world

The Toronto post-hardcore/noise rock band turn distraction overload into one hell of a debut EP.

- Mar 23, 2016
Photo by: Hannah Enkel

Living in the modern world can be overwhelming. Cell phones and social media allow for instant communication, yet often times they drive us to feel lonelier than ever, fostering a false sense of community that is basically intangible. Being constantly bombarded with distractions and notifications can become a bit of a sensory overload, as I'm sure anyone living in a major city can attest.

Take Toronto’s Humanities. The post-hardcore/noise-rock outfit’s debut EP, premiering on Chart Attack, reflects the difficulties associated with navigating this contemporary social landscape. Drawing influence from the likes of Fugazi and Killing Joke, Humanities’ abrasive yet melodic soundscapes come coupled with a feeling of anxiety, communicated through strained vocals and gritty guitar tones.

The opening track, “Century of the Selfie,” sets the tone for the rest of the project. According to the band, it’s a “bitter meditation on the false promises of social media and connectivity."

HUMANITIES - Century of the Selfie [Official Video]

The band tells us the EP follows a progression that offers some hope for our cloistered, solipsistic default: “It moves through the claustrophobia of 'Come Outside' and the dystopian vision of work and leisure in 'Belly Full of Fear,' and concludes on a somewhat more optimistic note with 'Your Dreams are My Dreams,' a song that finds communicative and creative possibility in that apparently most solitary activity: dreaming."

Humanities' self-titled EP is available March 25th via 100 Eyes. You can catch them at the Smiling Buddha that same night to celebrate the release.


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