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PREMIERE: Radiant Baby’s “You Can Dance” video is pitch perfect pop camp

Montreal retro pop wonk Radiant Baby wins Video of the Year. The year is 1984.

- Mar 16, 2016

New Wave revivalist Radiant Baby is the project of Montreal producer Félix Mongeon. He takes his moniker from a famous character by pop graffiti artist Keith Haring, which represents the characteristics he's trying to charge his performance with: naivety, gentleness, energy, fun, and vulnerability.

Directed by Christopher Hegenberg and Cameron Mitchell, the video for "You Can Dance" is an exercise in pop art camp and flamboyance, taking cues from Haring and Roy Lichtenstein and the Memphis Group. It's the quintessential '80s video — think A-ha or Peter Gabriel — made with the psychic and chronological remove of 30 years.

"You Can Dance" is about inclusivity. It's a reminder that everyone is allowed on the dance floor. It doesn't have to be a self-conscious affair. It's about having fun expressing yourself. It can be goofy.

Inspired by David Bowie's "Let's Dance," Mongeon says he set out to make a simple composition. He refrained from stuffing too many sounds in to the track, letting the beat and bassline and vocals — deliberately playful, straightforward, and comic — carry the weight instead.

"I want it to be the kind of song that immediately makes you want to start grooving with a silly smile on your face," he says.

Radiant Baby's self-titled EP is available here. Check out Radiant Baby's SoundCloud page here.

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