Harrison Clairmont The Second It's Okay I Promise

FULL SCREEN: Harrison and Clairmont The Second take the camera deep behind the scenes

PLUS: Beliefs go bald, Colin Stetson zooms out, and B.A. Johnston shows off his Hamilton.

- Mar 3, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, new clips from a bunch of great Canadian acts: Harrison and Clairmont The Second explore how dating and acting are really a lot alike, Beliefs singer Jesse Crowe gets a new spring 'do, Colin Stetson takes the scenic route, and B.A. Johnston plays tour guide in his hometown.

Harrison ft. Clairmont The Second, "It's Okay, I Promise"

"It's Okay, I Promise (feat. Clairmont The Second)" by Harrison (Official Music Video)

Directed by Scott Cudmore, the short film made for Toronto producer Harrison's "It's Okay, I Promise," featuring Clairmont The Second, turns filmmaking inside out. The camera looks backstage. We hear the director's cues. The script's scene headings are read to us by a model in lingerie. CTS sings self-consciously about the early, unsure days of a relationship. Dating looks a bit like acting — every scrutinized, belaboured, and rewritten text, every "It's okay, I promise" is a performance.

Beliefs, "Swooner"

Beliefs // Swooner

The day after she played in a Portishead cover band at Death to T.O. V with her hair styled into a perfect Beth Gibbons, Beliefs frontwoman Jesse Crowe asked pal Shehzaad Jiwani of Greys to shave her head in a bar bathroom. Shehzaad almost goes at it the wrong way. But then he figures it out. Ivy Lovell operates the camera. They all have a good laugh. The clippers' warm hum much like that of Beliefs.

Belief's Leaper is out now on Hand Drawn Dracula.

Colin Stetson, "I (Extract)"

Colin Stetson - SORROW - I (Extract) - Official Video

We're told Stetson's forthcoming album is a reimagining of Henryk Górecki’s Third Symphony. Here, the orchestra's drone shifts with the speed and power of tectonic plates. An operatic voice shines down. Like Stetson's composition, the video, directed by Dan Huiting, is interested in sublimity. Immense, wild landscapes shot from high above abstract into textures and gestures. Small details coalesce into big forces.

Colin Stetson's Sorrow is out April 8 on Kartel Music Group.

B.A. Johnston's Ham Jam

BA Johnston's Ham Jam

In the pitch video for this web series by filmmaker Chelsea McMullan, starring "trash troubadour" B.A. Johnston, the Hamilton Tourism Action Committee has hired Steeltown's favourite son to showcase the secret glamour of his Ambitious City. Behold, smokestacks on fire! Seagull Island! Roast beef sandwiches 'til 2 a.m. (3 a.m. on the weekend)! What hot spots and local delicacies might future episodes expose? Bella Pizza? Pepperoni sticks at the Haggler's Flea Market? The stabby Tim Hortons? This isn't the shiny new Hamilton you keep reading about, no, this is a tour of that seedy paradise of your dreams.

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