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Imagine a concert where talking is forbidden

Wavelength presents "Don't Speak," a show where speaking is outlawed.

- Feb 26, 2016

For Wavelength #696, happening Friday, March 25 at Array Space, the Toronto music series crew decided to try something completely different: no talking. Like a movie theatre or a library or a funeral service, but a concert, no, a sound trip.

"Herein, speaking is outlawed," read Wavelength's rules. "Upon entering the building, lips must remain sealed. Ambience of sight and sound will provide the viscous background. Writing materials will be provided to all attending, for ease of communication. Come, sift silently with us."

Benoît Pioulard - "Margin" (Official Music Video)

A couple of months before Drone Day, the night's stimuli includes performances by Seattle-based ambient composer Benoît Pioulard, and Toronto drone acts North Atlantic Drift and David Jones plus "atmospherics" by General Chaos Visuals, house noise by DJ Languid Lilt, and nothing else from the audience.

The pair usually talking loudly at the bar about Brecka's party Saturday, now forced to take their convo to pen and paper, becomes a compelling performance of its own. If Wavelength is looking for its next concept, those collected mash notes could make a good art exhibit.

You can get tickets here.

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