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This painfully awkward rap battle aired live on Canada AM

The CTV morning show broadcast the gay joke-heavy rhyme-off and then immediately escorted the rappers out.

- Feb 17, 2016

I'm a fan of hip-hop, and I get a kick out of the odd rap battle, but man... morning television is not the time, nor the place. On Monday's episode of Canada AM, King Of The Dot founder Organik brought out rappers HFK and Charron to battle it out on live television. KOTD is a battle-rap league based in Toronto that's been around since 2008.

There's no longer any official CTV copy of the Canada AM footage anywhere to be found, but luckily someone recorded it with their cellphone and threw it up on YouTube.

HFK & Charron Embarrass Themselves, Get Vaulted By Morning Show

After watching, I have to say, that was one of the most cringeworthy things I've seen in a while. Almost impressively so. It's a kind of pure, concentrated awkwardness that can translate through a shitty cellphone video clearly enough to make you feel uncomfortable at your desk.

"I spent my Valentine's Day with a girl who's incredibly awesome, but you spent yours alone in your room, looking at pictures of Beverly Thomson," rapped HFK.

Suggesting that your opponent jerks off to photos of Beverly Thompson, a host of Canada AM, on Canada AM, in front of her co-hostNot a good look. That's not to mention the gay jokes, the trans jokes, the Islam jokes...

"Since we're a morning show and this isn't the streets," the clearly shocked host added afterwards, "we've got to apologize for some of the language." The show quickly went to commercial and the rappers were immediately escorted out. CTV then took to Facebook to apologize for the whole thing.

We would genuinely like to apologize for today’s performance. The lyrics were unexpected and not reflective of our beliefs.

Posted by Canada AM on Monday, February 15, 2016

Sure, battle-rapping is abrasive and controversial by nature, and you wouldn't want to compromise that. But if you're going to choose a platform to promote it on, is a morning talk show really the best choice? But, hey, if your target market consists of parents at home with their kids on a stat holiday, then go for it.

The rappers were there to hype their upcoming Blackout6ix event, which might need an extra push without Drake as a judge this year, but this definitely isn't hitting those fans. Next time just buy a Facebook ad.

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