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PREMIERE: BRR’s A Pining is a yearning, blooming synth symphony

Check out the second synesthetic collaboration from Absolutely Free's Moshe Fisher-Rozenberg and visual artist Ryan Dodgson.

- Feb 16, 2016

Sometimes a project comes along that challenges the medium we operate in. BRR is one of those.

A collaboration between multi-disciplinary Toronto artist Ryan Dodgson and far out musician Moshe Fisher-Rozenberg (one-third of Absolutely Free and an occasional ghost member of Fucked Up), BRR is an expression of synesthesia: the same theme — here "yearning to create meaningful work, the triumphs and failures of that endeavour, and their acute inability to satiate it — conveyed both musically and visually. "The music and the visuals are grown from the same seed," says Fisher-Rozenberg, "kind of like using two different languages to describe the same thing."

But we're necessarily monolingual here at Chart Attack, so we have the musical side of their second project, A Pining. Whereas their previous project was a series of short bursts and accompanying drawings, this is one continuous 18 minute suite of shimmering, ambient psych that will hover your consciousness spaceward.

On cassette, it's of a unit with its own packaging, which is a pop-up paper sculpture you interact with as you listen. It wilts and blooms with or without it, a satisfying composition to get you through a cold day. But if you want the full effect, grab one of the 150 cassettes at the launch party: Saturday, February 20 at Art Metropole (1490 Dundas W, 5pm to 7pm).

Otherwise... is digital origami a thing?

Download BRR's A Pining for free or PWYC at Bandcamp.

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