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FULL SCREEN: Peaches has yet another great video with “Free Drink Ticket”

PLUS: River Tiber gets ready to break & PUP explores our console history.

- Feb 11, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, three standout videos from three standout Canadian acts.

 Peaches, "Free Drink Ticket"

The target of Peaches' "Free Drink Ticket," maybe the most simultaneously vulnerable and vicious song she's ever written, is a monster - so coked up they become it, drink tickets never redeemed because they're worth more as a status symbol. Here, the monster becomes literal. And Peaches is so vulnerable she's naked (for Peaches that's usually a sign of strength). But is her pain and resentment turning her into a monster?

Peaches is killing the video game right now. It's no surprise "Rub," her least SFW video yet, is on the long-list for the Prism Prize. It may have even brought Guided By Voices out of retirement.

River Tiber, "No Talk"

River Tiber - No Talk (Official Video)

Is there a name for the feeling when a young Toronto producer/singer puts out a stylish black and white video for a smooth late-night electronic R&B track with a low-key Drake co-sign and another from Jazz Cartier and you can tell they're about to break in a big way? 6ixess? No? I'll think on it. In the meantime, enjoy the new video from River Tiber.

River Tiber's When The Time Is Right EP is out now.


PUP - DVP (Official Video)

PUP's lyrics tend to be about the love and pain of an overextended adolescence, so seeing the words of "DVP" playing out through Turtles In Time and Mortal Kombat just seems right. Not necessarily healthy, but right.

If bands keep putting out lyric videos this good, there's going to be no way to top it with anything official.

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