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Rihanna’s Anti adds 1 million new users to TIDAL

They may have botched the release, but the streaming service has received a big bump from the blockbuster album.

- Jan 29, 2016

TIDAL may have a reason to celebrate after all. The hi-fidelity streaming service gained 1 million trial users on Thursday following the surprise (and quite possibly accidental) release of Rihanna's Anti. 

As part of a promotional deal between Samsung and TIDAL, the pop icon shared a download code that could be used to redeem a free copy of Anti, coupled with a complimentary 60-day trial of TIDAL. Apparently the $25 million agreement paid off; by early afternoon all the codes had been redeemed, just 15 hours after the album's release.

It's definitely an impressive feat, but keep in mind that these are only trial users. It's possible that TIDAL may be able to convert some of these new prospects to paid subscribers, but it's also very likely that some people only wanted a free copy of the record and won't stick around after the 60 days are over. Regardless, they're certainly welcoming the boost in new users.

The album was streamed more than 13 million times during the first 14 hours, according to a TIDAL spokesperson. But not only did TIDAL and Rihanna get a boost, but so did Tame ImpalaAnti features a full-out cover of his track "New Person, Same Old Mistakes," originally featured on the 2015 album Currents. The cover received praise from Tame Impala's Kevin Parker himself, and rightfully so. I'm sure there's some Rihanna fans checking out Tame Impala's music for the first time this week. Maybe even on TIDAL.

Tame Impala - New Person Same Old Mistakes w/lyrics

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