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C’mon, Sam Smith knows who Thom Yorke is

And he's probably heard their James Bond theme. He's just defending his territory.

- Jan 13, 2016

Sam Smith is the indie internet's target this week after some comments he made at the Golden Globes on Sunday. Smith won for his (admittedly tepid) Spectre theme song "Writing's On The Wall," and in the press scrum afterwards a reporter asked him if he was shocked that Thom Yorke released Radiohead's prospective (unused) version of that James Bond theme on Christmas Day.

"Thom Yorke?" he asks, turning to his co-writer Jimmy Napes, who reminds him he's from Radiohead. "Oh," he realizes. "Yeah, I was a little bit surprised, not going to lie. But I actually haven't listened to it, personally. Because did the Spectre theme song."

Has Sam Smith listened to Radiohead's #Spectre theme song...Has SAM SMITH listened to Radiohead's "Spectre" theme song? #GoldenGlobes

Posted by Variety on Monday, January 11, 2016


Many online publications have used this as the 'gotcha' moment for Sam Smith's cred, recalling the days before poptimism when putting down Radiohead would get you ostracized. Just look at the headlines:

One-hit wonder Sam Smith is unfamiliar with Radiohead

Sam Smith Got Mighty Defensive When Asked About Radiohead’s ‘Spectre’ Theme

Sam Smith's response to Radiohead's 'Spectre' is the worst

Guys, he's trolling you. Sam Smith knows who Radiohead is. He's from England. He's pals with Disclosure. He probably played "Karma Police" at a talent show or two. He's just defending his territory.

And you know what? It's hilarious, If the pre-eminent "nice guy" singer wants to throw some shade, I'm all for it. Especially going after the super-self-serious Thom Yorke, who's apparently still the indie snob's final sacred cow.

I laughed when Shaq did it. I laughed when Bieber did it. And I laughed when Sam Smith did it. But I appreciate a good trolljob.

Radiohead - Spectre

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