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FULL SCREEN: David Bowie gives himself an unforgettable new image

PLUS: Animal Collective go technicolour and Porches give us a vision of a horror movie as a looping GIF.

- Jan 8, 2016
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, David Bowie disturbs us gloriously, Porches shows us what a horror film would look like as a looping GIF, and Animal Collective goes technicolor.

David Bowie, "Lazarus"

David Bowie - Lazarus

It's David Bowie album day! Initially this would have been filed under "Album Streams," but the rollout of his new record  has wielded so many memorable images, it fits perfectly comfortably under Full Screen. That's a good sign for the chameleon, because his image has always been a major part of his music (it belongs on museum walls, and it is). It only makes sense that the album is streaming on YouTube, in addition to all the usual places.

Yesterday, the former Thin White Duke (now the Lynch-Haired Bandageman) heraldedwith the video for "Lazarus," and it continues the surreal nightmare logic of the unforgettable "Blackstar." His last album The Next Day handled the baggage of his decade-later return, and now that his past has been reckoned with he can fully forge ahead with a new image. I know the next time picture Bowie it'll be with bandages over his face and buttons for eyes, writhing around like a character from an Exorcism reboot that takes time into account. - Richard Trapunski

David Bowie's ★ is out now on Columbia. Get it here and stream it here.

Animal Collective, "FloriDada"

Animal Collective - FloriDada (Official Video)

The technicolor new video for "Floridada," the new video from Wonder Showzen veterans PFFR is everything a visual representation of Animal Collective should be: it's bright, vaguely sexual, nonsensical in a way that makes sense (hence the name), and it comes with a seizure warning. It's both futuristic and retro, reminding me of both 10 years ago and the very first internet meme. Are we at the point where Animal Collective become classic rock? - Richard Trapunski

Animal Collective's new album Painting With is out February 19 on Domino.

Porches, "Be Apart"

Porches - Be Apart (Official Video)

Things get eerie in the new video for "Be Apart" from New York’s Porches. Flowing through a home that is seemingly stuck in a fragment of time, the inhabiters don’t get to see any friends or family. All they have is each other and a lot of milk. Imagine if the horror film It Follows was actually a looping GIF. The track feels like synth pop made in a graveyard, slowly being buried into the ground. I promise it’s a good thing. - Ryan Parker

Porches' Pool is out February 5 via Domino.

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