Fronz Attila Tattoo contest

Enter to win a free tattoo of some screamo guy’s face

Fronz from the Atlanta band Attila is giving away a free tattoo of his face to whomever spends the most at his merch shop.

- Jan 7, 2016

Get this: Fronz, frontman of the for-real metalcore rap band Attila, who also owns an apparel company (obvz), is offering one lucky fan the opportunity to have his face tattooed permanently somewhere on their body for free. It's a $1,000 value, he estimates.

All the winning sap has to do is regram this image, tag @Fronzilla and his tattoo artist @bprice1027, include the hashtag #FronzTattooContest, and prove they've recently made an order from Fritz's Stay Sick clothing.

And this is the best part: "The BIGGER your Stay Sick order is," says Froz, "the more likely you are to win." Eff fairness in ridiculous online contests, "I wanna know who my ride or die's are!"

Few have entered, but the contest doesn't end until February 10th when Fred himself will personally pick a winner, so there's still time for everyone to realize a) how good this song is and b) how crucial these shirts are and c) how cool it would be to have this dude's mug needled into your flesh, possibly over your own face. Imagine, for most of Attila's 14- to 17-year-old fans, this could be their very first tattoo (providing, of course, their parents sign the waivers). Thrilling!

Attila - About That Life (Official Music Video)

I'm glad to see narcissism and general sliminess are alive and well in the screamo scene.

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