Toronto band Blimp Rock purchases Phil Elverum’s band naming service

Blimp Rock, the band/brand that threatened to sue the Blue Jays, strikes again.

- Jan 4, 2016

A little over a week ago, we heard that Phil Elverum, brain behind Mount Eerie and The Microphones and all-time Twitter great, would name your band for the totally reasonable price of $35 USD. It was a joke, of course, but that didn't mean he wouldn't do it.

Yesterday, Toronto corporation/band Blimp Rock announced via Facebook that they'd purchased Elverum's band naming service. Blimp Rock, you might remember is the company that threatened to sue the Toronto Blue Jays for $700,000 in royalties for use of the phrase #ComeTogether. (Blimp Rock Enterprises, you should also know, is a "wholly serious business venture" incorporated to produce the world's first music festival on a blimp).

And it's not just a viral publicity stunt (or it is, but that doesn't mean it's not real): the landing page of Elverum's Band Naming Services website now reads "BLIMP ROCK ENTERPRISES PRESENTS: BAND NAMING SERVICES" stamped underneath with BRE's insignia.

Elverum confirmed the deal with another Twitter haiku:

The band says Elverum will retain all profits; BRE are sponsors hoping to benefit from the exposure. They've attached their name to the "auspicious start-up" to make 2016 the year the company finally raises the $700,000 their festival requires.

BRE's online fundraising ticker has been adjusted to -$2,388 of the $700,000 goal, reflecting the ad deal rumoured to cost between $200 and $288 CAD.

You can support Blimp Rock Enterprises and its mission to launch the first ever music festival on a blimp here. This could be the year.

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