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Snoop Dogg wants to be the Steve Jobs of weed

Leafs by Snoop aims to be "the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world."

- Nov 11, 2015

There are some brands so powerful, so ahead-of-the-pack that they become synonymous with the whole industry. Coca-Cola runs the beverage game. Apple is the tech industry's long-running MVP. Beats by Dre is part of most high school uniforms, I gather. And lo! On the horizon, a new billion dollar industry — the next Wild West, another Gold Rush — is emerging from its legal greyness. Now that it's nearly legit, it needs a figurehead. So who will become the Steve Jobs of pot?

Enter: Snoop DoggObviously, Snoop.

Leafs By Snoop Product Video

The Long Beach rapper and High Times' 2002 Stoner of the Year has long positioned himself as a connoisseur of smoke. It's part of his brand, so to speak. Why not monetize it?

Unveiled at a press conference in Colorado on Tuesday (where marijuana is now legal), Leafs by Snoop is a full line of marijuana-based products, including eight different strains available in flower, wax and shatter, alongside chocolate edibles, gummies and fruit chews. "Leafs By Snoop is truly the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world," Snoop claimed, "and proud to be a pioneer.... People can trust that I picked out the finest, freshest products in the game. Let’s medicate, elevate and put it in the air!"

But, as anyone whose played the board game knows, monopoly-building is slow work. For now, Leafs by Snoop is only available from a handful of Colorado-based retailers.

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