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Napster is back, but only in Canada

The shuttered file sharing pioneer has resurfaced as a subscription-based streaming service.

- Nov 4, 2015

Remember Napster? Sworn enemy of Metallica? The place where you first heard A Tribe Called Quest scouring for "cool rap"? Or catalogued pop punk covers like precious esoterica? The one that "broke the music industry"?

After being shutdown in 2001 by the RIAA, the once-illegal file sharing client was passed from hand to hand, revived as a digital retail space before it was purchased by Rhapsody in 2011. Rising again from the grave, Napster has now resurfaced (again) as a subscription-based streaming service available, for now, only in Canada.

For the price of $9.99 CDN a month, Napster offers a catalogue of 35 million songs (comparable to Apple Music and Spotify) available to subscribers online and off. They'll even give you the first three months for a loonie.

But why? Can a generation's fond memories of that little cat-and-headphones icon really translate into marketshare against streamers which already count their customer bases in the tens of millions? Will I be able to listen to "Seek & Destroy"?

Metallica - Seek and Destroy - Lyrics

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