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These bands took Halloween from the street to the stage

We rounded up live, costumed clips from Mac DeMarco, Tool, Years & Years, and about 50 Toronto bands.

- Nov 2, 2015

You just ate the last fun-sized Crispy Crunch for breakfast and got the corpse paint cleaned out of your ears in time for the office, and unsurprisingly, your news feed's still plugged with #squad pics of sexy cats and sexy Donald Trumps. Might as well ride the Halloween hangover into Monday afternoon watching your favourite bands ghoul it up on stage. We've collected spooky live footage of the best holiday performances — from local creeps Greys summoning the spirit of the late Smashing Pumpkins to a genuine Ghost sighting on national television.

The Darth DeMarcos


At this point Mac DeMarco knows whatever he does will end up on the internet, so why not use his virality for a bit of high-level Halloween trolling? For his sort-of hometown show at Vancouver's Commodore Ballroom, Mac and his boys all came dressed as Darth Maul, a character from everyone's favourite Star Wars films: the prequels! - Richard Trapunski

Tool as Led Zeppelin

Tool - No Quarter (Led Zeppelin cover) Tempe Beach Park - Tempe, AZ 10/31/15

Maynard James Keenan recently further alienated Tool faithful by calling them "ridiculous, retards" who need to "lighten up" and stop taking the band so seriously. He also said his bandmates had to "con" him into the only Tool show of 2015. If this is the one, the only Tool show of the year was the one in which they dressed as Led Zeppelin and played their cover of "No Quarter." Hey, it makes me laugh. But I wouldn't call myself a Tool fan. - Richard Trapunski

Tobias Jesso Jr. the Sasquatch's Halloween Revue

Tobias Jesso Jr. x HAIM "Forever" live at The Fonda

Tobias Jesso Jr covers Ghostbusters theme live @ Fonda Theatear

Tobias Jesso jr. - "Hey Ya" cover live at The Fonda

Unlike the sasquatch Tobias Jesso Jr. dressed as (which keeps a notoriously low profile), the Vancouver singer/ songwriter threw a showy Halloween spooktacular in L.A., inviting locals HAIM on-stage to run through "Forever," then the Ghostbusters theme, and Outkast's "Hey Ya!" - Chris Hampton 

Taylor Swift as Olaf from Frozen with Idina Menzel

Taylor Swift and Idina Menzel - Let it Go - 10/31/15 (FULL SONG)

On a never-ending tour that's welcomed near every taxpayer in America on stage for a duet, Taylor Swift — in an Olaf costume — had the wickedly talented, one and only Adele Dazeem join her for a rendition of "Let It Go" in Florida. - Chris Hampton

Ghost plays The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

Ghost Performs "Cirice"

This isn't a special Halloween show for Ghost - the Swedish theatrical metal band play every show as a group of Nameless Ghouls. But for Colbert and network TV? Pitch perfect. Watch for a live exorcism and the best keytar solo in late show history. - Richard Trapunski

Craig Finn and the All Pauls

The Hold Steady frontman Craig Finn, as well as his backing band, all dressed as KISS' Paul Stanley and then covered Van Halen's "Runnin' with the Devil"... which sounds about right. - Chris Hampton

Years & Years as the undead Spice Girls

Years & Years - Full Live Set from #VevoHalloween 2015

At the Vevo Halloween party in Manchester, British synthpop act Years & Years headlined as the zombie Spice Girls (who incidentally, are, it seems, back from the dead). - Chris Hampton

LeBron James as Prince

Only want to see you... @kingjames

A video posted by @kevinlove on

Okay, okay, not technically "an artist" (many will dispute), but you should watch the best basketball player since Michael Jordan do "Purple Rain" at the Cavs' Halloween party. - Chris Hampton

Death to T.O. V

Toronto's best Halloween party made the jump from the Silver Dollar and the Comfort Zone to the roomier Lee's Palace and Dance Cave this year. And that meant there were more people filming as Toronto's local bands teamed up and dressed up to cover some of their favourite bands. We've collected all the evidence we could find between our friends' Jose Bautista costumegrams. - Richard Trapunski

Blonde Elvis as David Bowie:

Blonde Elvis does Ziggy Stardust at Death to TO at Lee's Palace

A video posted by DJ Nico (@djnicotoronto) on

Members of The Germaphobes and Century Palm as The B-52's:

B-52s! One of my fave sets tonight. @lizbesscollins @germaphobesmusic

A video posted by Cristina Camilla (@crustinacamilla) on

Dirty Frigs feat. DOOMSQUAD as No Doubt:

my home girl @briasalmena DESTROYING no doubt last night in front of 700 ppl 💞😍#deathtoTo

A video posted by @elliottvincentjones on

Calvin Love as Iggy & The Stooges:

🎃💥Last Nite Was Fun🔮 #deathtoTo #iggypop #calvinlove

A video posted by CALVIN L✺VE (@calvinlove) on

Greys as Smashing Pumpkins:

Smashing Pumpkins 💙😱💙 #deathtoto

A video posted by @slugginaround on

Members of Ice Cream, Vallens and Slim Twig as Alanis Morissette:

@roy_wonder absolutely killing Alanis last night for #deathtoto 😁😊🙏❤️

A video posted by Josh Korody (@joshkorody) on

Members of Beliefs, Rolemodel and Teenanger as Portishead:

Explorer feat. Matty Dee as Alice Cooper:

Explorer with Matty Dee covering Alice Cooper at Death to TO

A video posted by DJ Nico (@djnicotoronto) on

Sahara as Cocteau Twins:

#cocteautwins #deathtoTO #cherrycolouredfunk @drewchillson

A video posted by Jesse Crowe (@jessecrowe) on

Members of Hollow Earth, Weaves and Cell Memory as Paul McCartney & Wings:

#deathtoTO #wings #paulmccartney #letmerollit

A video posted by Jesse Crowe (@jessecrowe) on

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