Dude Thats Insane Chris Reimer

The trippy animated tribute to Women’s Chris Reimer is now streaming

Dude, That's Insane features 17 animators and a soundtrack compiled from the late Reimer's unreleased recordings.

- Oct 19, 2015

Late Calgary musician Chris Reimer (Women, Azeda Booth, The Dodos) is remembered as a prolific creator and an influential collaborator. Inspired by his drawings and recordings, Calgary's Quickdraw Animation Society has tapped the freakish talents and minds of 17 local artists and animators, including Chad VanGaalen, to create Dude, That's Insane — a 6-minute animated tribute film set to a compilation of Reimer's unreleased ambient music (compiled by Morgan Greenwood of Baths and Azeda Booth).

Each of the contributors were given a pair of Reimer's drawings as a launching pad. Their final frame would form the first frame of the next artist's section. The result is a rolling patchwork of styles, ideas and worlds that showcases the freewheeling expressive power of animation. It's a celebration of creativity and collaboration.

Dude, That's Insane premiered at Sled Island, and now you can watch it in all its delicious cartoon insanity online below:

Dude, That's Insane: A Tribute to Chris Reimer

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