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PREMIERE: Moonwood trip through the desert in “Trans Mojave Express”

The Toronto pysch band fleshes out their potent combination of desert and krautrock, then trips out with a crowd of skeletons.

- Oct 9, 2015

Despite the fact that it appears on the band's 17th release, "Trans Mojave Express" is basically a mission statement for Toronto's Moonwood. As the name suggests, it's essentially a combination of Kraftwerk and Hawkwind - a persistent motorik drum and bass groove layered with wide-open surf-fuzz guitars and synths. It's not so much a headphones/ceiling-stare head trip as a stoned cruise across a plain with the top down and no real destination.

It's the kind of music that's build for daydreams, but video artist Nathan Phillips does it for us in a trippy Queens Of The Stone Age-style animated trip through the desert where anthropomorphic animals play a laser show for an audience of skeletons.

Moonwood - Trans Mojave Express

"The video Nathan created perfectly captures what we were trying to achieve with the album," says Moonwood's Jakob Rehlinger, "blending different desert mythos - American muscle cars, Egyptian magic and sci-fi landscapes."

And if it sounds less bedroomy, that's because of the finally beefed-up lineup. Moonwood started as Rehlinger (also owner of Arachnidiscs Recordings)'s solo project, but it's now a full four-piece band with Jacqueline Noire (synthesizer, vocals), Matthew Fava (bass) and Luca Capone (drums). Desert Ghosts is their first album to feature the whole lineup.

"Matt and Luca were able help Jacqueline and I fully realize the classic proggy psychedelic space rock sound we'd been going for but hadn't really been able to achieve as a duo using loopers," Rehlinger effuses.

Moonwood's Desert Ghosts is out November 5 on Arachnidiscs Recordings and Pleasence Records on vinyl and digital.


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