Blanka Yasuda 2015

PREMIERE: Blanka’s debut album Yasuda is like soul food for goth kids

Stream the Montreal-based dark wavers' excellent 6-song EP.

- Sep 14, 2015

Blanka is a Montreal-based three-piece that trades in an icy, minimal, and eminently danceable variety of post-punk. Members Christian Conner, Bryce Cloghesy, and Andrew Flegel (brother of Women's Patrick and Matthew Flegel) began recording Yasuda in 2014, slowly shaping the six songs that comprise their debut. Halfway through, Conner's laptop was stolen and the tracks were lost. "This was certainly a low point," Cloghesy says.

What they've dropped off today is Yasuda, rebuilt from scratch. It's a weave of digital and analogue sounds — abrasive guitars and boggy vocals, cold digital synths and electromagnetic noise. It stands atop 40 years of kraut, dark wave, and industrial, and employs those bricks expertly, building a curious new structure with every cut — foreboding and inviting at once. Like some urban ruin, it demands exploration.

Blanka's Yasuda can be pre-ordered through the band's Bandcamp.
You can catch Blanka live at the following dates:
Sept. 15 - Toronto @ Silver Dollar w/ Whimm, Crystal Eyes, Heaven for Real
Sept. 16 - Pop Montreal @ Casa del Popolo w/ Grosser, Girl Arm, OBN III's
Sept. 19 - Pop Montreal @ Mothlight w/ Corridor & Special Guests

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