Jazz Cartier The Valley Dead or Alive

FULL SCREEN: Jazz Cartier surveys his kingdom; Dilly Dally never get what they want

PLUS: Born Ruffians go from rags to riches to rags to riches to rags to riches...

- Aug 13, 2015
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, Jazz Cartier looks out from the top, Dilly Dally get shit on, and Born Ruffians think about what it means to "make it."

Jazz Cartier, "The Valley / Dead or Alive"

Jazz Cartier – The Valley / Dead Or Alive

The latest in a string of cinematic, smooth, and stylish music videos from Jazz Cartier brings us on a small tour through the views in Toronto with one of his mixtape’s best songs (but let’s be real, they’re all worthy of that title.) He’s hopping off the VIA rail, walking above the tracks at Union Station, through the Eaton Centre, and staring at the skyline from the island. Cartier takes in all these views completely alone, except for the crosswalk at Queen and University, which is an impossible task.

The video for "The Valley" depicts a world that Jazz is navigating all alone, trying to find his place. When "Dead Or Alive" kicks in, he's rapping about his reign over the disbelievers and making his way up. Life isn’t so awful with swanky hotel rooms and gorgeous views from sky-high condos. He’s at the top of the city staring down over it, traversing the downtown core that raised him, and likely thinking about his next move up. - Ryan Parker

Jazz Cartier's Marauding In Paradise is out now.

Dilly Dally, "Desire"

Dilly Dally - Desire

In the Benjamin Dabu-directed video for "Desire," Toronto grunge-rock four-piece Dilly Dally teach us that, in this life, the desiring never stops. Unfortunately, our satisfaction is transitory. And worse, the good times often aren't ushered out on their own accord. Something usually rains on our parade. When you're hungry, the only food you can find is rotten. A daydream gets ruined by some passing asshole. Your skateboard earns you a mouth full of blood. Cloud spotting gets broken up by bird shit. Wanna know what I want? This song. And the beauty is: I can have it. Again and again. Fucking indie rock soul food, it is. But, like the video asks, will I ever truly get my fill? - Chris Hampton

Dilly Dally's debut full-length Sore is out October 9 on Buzz Records and Partisan Records.

Born Ruffians, "We Made It"

Born Ruffians - "We Made It" Official Video

The latest from Born Ruffians, directed by John Smith of Young Rival, presents a bite-sized, lo-fi rags to riches (to rags to riches to rags again) story. The idea of "making it" is so often defined by the objects we can afford to surround ourselves with — literally the things that clutter up our desks and walls; be it brownbags or bars of gold. Even through a bewildering promotion across classes and statuses (check out that splashy wall art!), the man at the centre remains mostly unchanged. I'd wager that's not always the case. - Chris Hampton

Born Ruffians' RUFF is out on October 2 from Paper Bag Records and Yep Roc.

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