Autre Ne Veut World War pt 2

FULL SCREEN: Autre Ne Veut gets under your skin; Girl Band reveal who’s under the mask

PLUS: Leftfield & Sleaford Mods let a hungry monster loose on the world

- Aug 7, 2015
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, Autre Ne Veut put a creepy twist on "when two become one," Girl Band explore the horrors lurking beneath the costume, and Leftfield & Sleaford Mods ask that you don't feed the monster.

Autre Ne Veut, "World War Pt. 2"

Autre Ne Veut - World War Pt. 2 [Official Video]

Warning: don’t make this the first video you watch today. Have a coffee first, then sit down and hit play. Arthur Ashin strives to make you feel discomfort in the new song and video for “World War Pt. 2,” like an unknown presence creeping up on you in a dark cabin. It follows in your shadow, lodges itself inside your head, and when you fixate on the source and stare it in its eyes, it freezes like a weeping angel.

The video, directed by Allie Avital, is hauntingly beautiful. Ashin is latched onto another body, slowly morphing into one. It possibly resembles our outer naked shell we broadcast to the world, letting anyone attach onto it and follow us. The looping high-pitched vocal sample gets in your head like a parasite and pairs perfectly with the unsettling music video. - Ryan Parker

Autre Ne Veut’s new album Age of Transparency will be released October 2nd via Downtown Records.

Girl Band, “Paul”

Girl Band - Paul

The red velvet curtains whip open. You smile across at your kids and watch them giggle throughout the TV show, with their faces pressed against the screen. But what’s going on behind those costumes? Who’s getting paid to gallop around dressed as a pig? The music video for “Paul” pulls off the mask and shows the lifeless character behind your hopes and dreams. He can’t breathe in there, his parents are drifting away in a retirement home, he’s drinking and doing coke in the dressing room, he has nothing to live for, and the other show characters haunt his dreams at night. Worst of all, the big rooster eats at him and boils his soul. The mask is all smiles, but darkness lies beneath the snout. Keep watching, the ending will make you scream from your cubicle. - Ryan Parker

Girl Band’s debut album Holding Hands with Jamie is out September 25th on Rough Trade.

Leftfield & Sleaford Mods, "Head And Shoulders"

Leftfield & Sleaford Mods - Head And Shoulders

Nineties British house legend Leftfield teams up with Sleaford Mods, an English post-punk/ hip-hop combo, for "Head And Shoulders," which sounds not unlike Basement Jaxx or Mr. Oizo fronted by Mark E. Smith. I say this fondly. Perhaps because I grew up in that sweet spot when UK Electronica and Big Beat, beamed across the Atlantic and onto my music television provided the weirdest, most stimulating videos for a 10 year old. I knew that raves were probably cool before I knew what exactly they were. And this video directed by Ewan Morris and Casey Raymond shuttles me right back. That bodiless green waistoid ingests everything in sight until he's guzzling whole planets. His hedonism is insatiable. I've watched him eat Neil Barnes five times already. - Chris Hampton

Leftfield's Alternative Light Source is out now on BMG.

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