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FULL SCREEN: Harrison displays the sad future of human relationships

PLUS: Battles break loose from the annals of time, Petite Noir reconstructs visions of Africa.

- Aug 5, 2015
Full Screen is our rumination on the remarkable music videos of the day. Today, Harrison makes a video for your phone, Battles debut a new song via livestream, and Petite Noir reconstructs how we Africa is presented in music videos.

Harrison (ft. MADDEE), "How Can It Be"

Not long ago a breakup text would seem like the ultimate cold move, the 21st century version of Sex and the City plot. However, I have a theory that this is the generation when breaking up via text won't only be destigmatized, it'll be normalized. Our phones are now our conduits to all our once unmediated human experiences, from shopping to eating to dating. We swipe our hookups, we eggplant, we xoxo, we profess our <3, and, yes, eventually, we end it. All via our phones.

Harrison is 19 years old, the exact age to see that tide turning. The Toronto producer, one of our young Canadian producers you need to know, dramatizes that exact experience via an innovative new video designed specifically to be watched on your phone (if you're reading this on your computer, switch). It transpires as a text conversation between a fictional couple, Matthew and Katy, from flirtation to alienation to name change (spoiler alert: Matthew eventually becomes "My Ex"), all beautifully synchronized to his funky, moody R&B throb.

Unlike Harrison, I'm edging towards 30 and thus not quite ready for this mobiletechnofuturescenario, but I've been there, which makes this kind of painful to watch. But even as I cringe, I'm in awe. How has no one done this yet? And how is it funded by MuchFACT? It seems like the natural trajectory for how we watch and experience music videos, whose function have outgrown their form, but it's funded by a board once designed to furnish MuchMusic and MuchMore with content. And these dimensions would never work on television. But when's the last time you've watched a music video on television? - Richard Trapunski

Harrison’s EP, Colors, is out now via Last Gang.

Battles, "The Yabba"

Battles - The Yabba (NYC Live Session)

The cymbal is still 8 feet off the ground, the keyboards still lie toward the audience, so yes, we are listening to and watching new music from Battles. “The Yabba” is a 7-minute looping krautrock montage that will most certainly play out during a chase scene in a film at Sundance next year. It’s pumping, mystifying, and on a mission to go somewhere, anywhere. The song was premiered during a 24-hour stream of four new tracks yesterday, but now it's unspooled from its former atemporal stream. Now it asks you to take its hand, but then runs off in the other direction. - Ryan Parker

Battles’ new album La Di Da Di will be released September 18th on Warp Records.

Petite Noir, "Best"

Petite Noir - Best (Official Video)

Petite Noir a.k.a Yannick Ilunga is redirecting the gaze usually directed at Africa. Directed by Travys Owen the dreamy "Best" video follows the Cape Town artist running through a tiring series of transcendent landscapes. Apathetic faces appear and morph into others, all while Noir keeps running until he's thrown into the stratosphere. - Ebyan Abdigir

Petite Noir's forthcoming album La vie est Belle / Life is Beautiful is out in September via Domino.

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