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We are all Drake’s ghostwriters

Drake performed "Back To Back" at OVO Fest in front of a PowerPoint presentation full of Meek Mill memes.

- Aug 4, 2015

It's the day after OVO Fest, and for once there are more headlines about Drake than his guest stars. That's a serious feat when you consider his biggest get was Kanye West, who just a week ago almost crashed Change.org by performing in Toronto for the Pan Am games. But Drake's feud with Meek Mill is the stuff the internet is made of. It's funny, it's clickable, and it's largely transpired over Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. In 2015, those are the real measures of a good beef.

So, on a night when Kanye West played his own half hour set, the video everyone wants to see is Drake's celebrated Meek Mill diss track, "Back To Back," where he played in front of a PowerPoint presentation full of memes. Really, this is the kind of thing better experienced through Buzzfeed-style "17 Meek Mill Memes That Show Drake's Dominance..." listicles than shaky fancam YouTube videos, but here it is anyway:

Drake Performs "Back To Back" At OVO Fest 2015 (Meek Mill Diss)

For a feud that's centred on Drake's alleged ghostwriter Quentin Miller (unless you've forgotten, given all his artful dodges) it's an interesting choice to perform in front of all the memes. He didn't write them. His fans did. Toronto's former Deputy Mayor did.

That's an easy out for him in case anyone takes him to task for his "nice guy" sexism (those Nicki Minaj Photoshops really amp up his "is that a world tour or your girl's tour?" bro boast), but it also shows how little "realness" is an issue for Drake. It doesn't matter what a traditionalist rapper like Meek Mill thinks about his authenticity. Wherever Drake goes, the internet follows. And, at least in this case, he follows back.

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