Join us at Chart Attack’s two-floor Sled Island party at Calgary’s Nite Owl

We've got The Coathangers, the re-reunited Duotang, Chicago's Meat Wave and more Chart Attack stickers than you'll know what to do with.

- Jun 25, 2015

We had such a good time at Sled Island last year, we've decided to bring ourselves and our Chart Attack stickers back to Calgary for another ridiculously fun rock party. This year, we'll be on both floors of the new Sled Island venue Nite Owl with a lineup that exemplifies the festival's music-first, hype-and-all-other-bullshit-second ethos. Come say hi.

Taking place Friday, June 26, the show is headlined by Atlanta power trio bubble-punks The Coathangers, who should already be on any complete Sled Island schedule. The rest is an under the radar mix of Canadian punk, garage and post-punk (plus a band from Chicago), but all fit the Sled Island-style discovery: walk into a venue, take a chance, and within two songs you'll be asking the person next to you "who is this?" and making a mental note for later. And, chances are, the people that you ask could be us (we'll be the music-y looking guys in band shirts).

Here's the lineup, with some music to sample from each band:


9:00pm - Invisible Ray - Vancouver duo with a handful of songs and many more handfuls of snotty garage hooks.

10:00pm - Racket - Calgary "graveyard rock" punks ready to lay waste to their hometown.

11:00pm - Stress Eating - Vancouver hardcore kids that will scream songs in your face that, somehow, you'll hum back later.

Midnight - The Lad Mags - Edmonton psych rockers who pay tribute to their influences while ripping them apart (the song below is an "ode to the stalker-y music of yesteryear).

The Lad Mags - Hypnotized


9:30pm - Night Committee - Calgary rock that will split your ears open and maybe get you into heaven?

10:30pm - Meat Wave - Chicagoans will envelope you in fuzz, distortion and, um, meat.

Meat Wave - 'Brother' (Official Video)

11:30pm - Duotang - '90s/'00s-era Winnipeg Mint Records post-punks get the band back together again, surprised and flattered by all the demand.

Duotang - Broken Rule

12:30am - The Coathangers  - Atlantan DIY triple-singing punks, maybe the gem of the festival.

The Coathangers - Drive (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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