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Win 69 cents from Mac DeMarco’s personal bank account

Record a red hot cover of "Another One" and old Macky will send you a nice little treat. Emphasis on "little."

- Jun 16, 2015

Mac DeMarco has always seemed as bemused as he is flattered by his hardcore fanbase, many of whom dress, act and smoke the same cigarettes as him (Viceroy, duh). But hey, if that's where the butter is, that's where you bring your bread. So, for his latest viral stunt, the goofball crooner has gone straight to the butter factory (the farm? I dunno how these things work):

To commemorate the release of his new jealous guy keyboard ballad "Another One," he's released a new video called "PIANO TIME" that teaches his fans to play the new song. He encourages his fans to record their cover, link it, and "the hottest version of the track" will be Paypalled exactly 69 cents, right from old Macky's private bank account.

Which, of course, compels us to ask the question: Is Mac DeMarco training an army of Mac DeMarcos?

Watch his official self-directed "Another One" video below, complete with Michael Jackson mask, the ocean, and the unsettling premonition of the inevitable dirtbag revolution of 2016.

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