No Joy Everything New 2015

FULL SCREEN: No Joy are garbage; Vic Mensa goes mad

PLUS: DOOMSQUAD comb the skies, while Lizzy Boredom stay underground.

- Jun 10, 2015
Full Screen collects all of the remarkable videos we've seen in the day. Today, No Joy wake the garbage monster, Vic Mensa and Kanye West get mad (no surprise there), DOOMSQUAD know the truth is out there, and Lizzy Boredom drops off a small but disturbing package.

No Joy, "Everything New"

No Joy - Everything New [Official Video]

In the Jason Harvey-directed video, L.A. is slicked over by trash and a show poster littered by No Joy is enough to wake the garbage monster (and it's horny, we're told). Then, in a quick turn, POW!, we see that we're the real trash. Hardcore human garbage — oblivious to and negligent of the beauty that's all around, consuming and spewing meaninglessness, polluting an otherwise okay place with our ugly residues. It all sounds pretty dark when I write about it, but they make it look super fun. Promise. They even brought along famous friends from bands like Best Coast, Baths, King Tuff, and The Soft Pack. Presumably, they're all garbage, too.

No Joy's More Faithful is out now on Arts & Crafts and Mexican Summer.

Vic Mensa ft. Kanye West, "U Mad"

Vic Mensa - U Mad ft. Kanye West

The ultimate villain's anthem gets a video directed by Grant Singer, and like anything Kanye steps near lately, it's all fireworks and arty and minimal. The centrepiece is young Mensa squirming in a black straight jacket while he gets showered by sparks. Then, there's shots of a riot — cast in red light, if we hadn't already caught the drift. We get it: you're angry; things are hot; it's a tense atmosphere. The real question, and this goes for much of Kanye's output, too, is: y u mad, bro?

DOOMSQUAD, "Two-Way Mirror"

DOOMSQUAD's "Two-Way Mirror" clip follows a hippie-haired tour guide who leads vacationers on an expedition to the Roswell crash site. Off the clock, he's on his own voyage to find the truth, encountering extraterrestrial glyphs, tracking the skies, and eating strange, possibly magical cheese. DOOMSQUAD's tight groove sets the man on his mission. They say your work is easier when you believe in what you're selling.

DOOMSQUAD's Pageantry Suite is out now through Hand Drawn Dracula.

Lizzy Boredom, "Cam's Cave"

This thing showed up on our doorstep as a URL cut from the power tools section of an Eaton's catalogue. The note was stuffed in a bloodied envelope that smelled like gasoline. Its return address said only: A basement in Hamilton. It was written in what looks like nacho cheese. We're not sure whether we should alert the authorities or press repeat and turn up the volume.

The Lizzy Boredom/Albert James split release is out now from Perdu.

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